Audio 2x 300W LEM Hurricane HP300 Speakers

Hurricane Speakers Series P are designed so that they provide quality sound and performance that will satisfy every professional. 

The speakers are protected against damage by a grid made ​​of solid metal and the construction of speaker cabinets used materials MDF with a black coating resistant to abrasion. This is achieved by low weight with high material strength and durability. Compact size and trapezoidal shape allows for easy transportation and installation all while maintaining a modern look. 

For high-frequency reproduction was elected compression driver with 1 "voice coil mounted on a patented EWT ™ Horn (Elliptical Waveguide Technology). This combination allows to obtain high levels of sound pressure and wide coverage together with a clear and well-defined sound even at the critical volume levels. the main speakers are exclusively manufactured to specifications LEM companies and through the use of a voice coil can withstand extreme temperatures and produce sound output with minimal distortion even at very high power.

When designing a crossover filters have been no compromises. carefully selected and oversized components, extra tested by rigorous processes guarantee low distortion and optimum distribution of the frequency band. Moreover, all models are equipped with P Hurricane sophisticated electronic circuit that acts as overload protection height driver. 

Focus its sound, solid structures are speakers Hurricane P versatile and practical solution for musicians playing live concerts, DJ's for installations in public spaces, clubs, conference halls or theaters. 


Specifications: speaker, passive, 2 bands, 300W / 4 Ohms, 15 "Speaker + 1" driver with EWT Horn, a 60 x 40 ° passive crossovers 3 kHz @ 12/18 dB / oct., Frequency range 48 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB), max SPL 123 db, dimensions 453 x 572 x 400 mm, weight 21.4 kg

Audio 2x 300W LEM Hurricane HP300 Speakers

Audio 2x 250W Behringer VP1520 Full Range Speaker

Behringer VP1520 is a dual band passive speaker with power 1000W, which perfectly complements your PA system. 

Behringer VP1520 includes a 15 "woofer and 1.75" compression transducer with titanium diaphragm. This combination provides high-quality reproduction over the entire frequency band, including deep bass. Tweeter has overload protection. The maximum load is 1000W (250W RMS) at 8 ohms. 

The reverse side contains a parallel inputs in the form of two Speakon connectors and two ¼ "jack. VP1520 has a stand adapter and ergonomic handles. 



• Passive Speaker 

• A pair of parallel inputs to connect another passive speaker 

• Suitable as part of the PA, interception or tow 

• Impedance: 8Ohm 

• Maximum power consumption: 250W RMS, 1000W Peak 

• Speaker bass band: 15 "woofer 

• Speaker height range: 1.75 "compression transducer with titanium diaphragm 

• Frequency range: 50Hz - 22kHz 

• Sensitivity: 94 db (1W @ 1m) 

• Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz 

• Directivity: 80 º x 50 º 

• Two handles on the sides 

• Inputs: 2x Speakon, 2 ¼ "Jack 

• Dimensions: 685 x 455 x 465 mm 

• Weight: 22.6 kg

Audio 2x 250W Behringer VP1520 Full Range Speaker

Audio 2x 100W the box PA108 Speaker

Dual-band passive plastic speaker - passive 2-way box - 8 "/ Horn 90x60 °, 65Hz-18 kHz/-3dB, 8 Ohm, 92 db 1 Watt/1m, 100 W / RMS - 1x Speakon - dimensions: 277x400x257mm - Weight: 6.5 kg - rack basket.

Audio 2x 100W the box PA108 Speaker

Audio 2x 80W (or 4x 80W) JAMO A200 White Speaker

A pair of stylish 2 bandpass speaker with a unique Danish design, the frequency range of 150-20 000 Hz, maximum power of 100 W, Impedance 6 Ohm, 86 db sensitivity, compact size, elegant white color.

Audio 2x 80W (or 4x 80W) JAMO A200 White Speaker

Amplifier Samson SX1200

Professional power amplifier class A / B 2x450W @ 4ohm 2x300W @ 8Ohm Bridge 900W @ 8Ohm inputs combined XLR / Jack and Speakon outputs terminals toroidal transformer active cooling with thermal regulation 2U Weight 14.8 kg 


Samson SX1200a is a dual channel power amplifier, which boasts very low distortion and high dynamic range. Unlike many competing products, it is also an absolute reliable. 

Amplifier SX1200 offers performance under load 8Ohm 2x300W 2x450W or at 4ohm load in bridge (bridge) then 1x900W involvement during exercise 8Ohm. The inputs are equipped with combination XLR / Jack connectors, and the outputs terminals and Speakon connectors. 

Even in the SX series models lack a sound basis in the form of quality toroidal transformer and sophisticated cooling system with controlled fans. The actual chassis is made of solid metal and thanks madlům transport amplifier is very comfortable. 



• Number of channels: 2 

• Class A / B 

• Output power in 4 ohm: 2x450W 

• Output Power into 8 Ohm load: 2x300W 

• Bridge mode: 900W @ 8Ohm 

• Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz (-0.5 dB) 5Hz - 60kHz (-3dB) 

• Input sensitivity: 1.24 V (4dBu) 

• Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% 

• Signal to noise ratio: 102 db 

• Damping Factor (400Hz): 280 

• input connectors: combination XLR / Jack 

• Output Connectors: Speakon, terminals 

• Protection against short circuit, overheating, over-voltage, RF 

• Active cooling with thermal regulation 

• Height: 2U 

• Power supply: 220-240V 

• Weight: 14.8 kg

Amplifier Samson SX1200

Commercial Amplifier SONY STR-DB925, SONY STR-DE497, and others ….

Amplifier Sony STR-DE497
Amplifier Sony STR-DB925

Professional Audio Mixer: Soundcraft EPM6

When construction was fully utilized technology in conjunction with SMT components with tight tolerances of values​​, which mixes EPM ensures accurate and easily renewable setting values ​​such as u-band equalizer with tunable center or gain control. 

EPM Series also uses clear and dynamic sounding GB30 mic preamps known from large professional series mixers LX7ii and GB, which allows very detailed gain adjustment in the range up to 55 dB, and provide excellent přebuditelnost (headroom) to 22 dB. Phantom power +48 V allows use and condenser microphones of all types. 

Unique engagement offers LED is overexcited. The circuit senses the input values ​​not only the channel, but simultaneously at several different points and can thus alert whenever any part of the signal chain danger of overloading. 

The precise ratio settings for individual channels will take care of high-quality 60 mm faders. Monitor and headphone output work in parallel, which allows the use of a headphone output for a musician, sound engineer while watching the signal on studio monitors. 



• Mixing Console - EPM series 

• Number of Mono Channels: 6 

• Number of stereo channels: 2 

• EQ mono inputs: 3-way with tuneable Wednesday 

• Other equipment mono inputs: XLR Mic In, Line In TRS, Insert, Gain, Pan, overload indicator 

• EQ stereo inputs: 2-way 

• Other equipment stereo inputs: TRS Line In, Balance 

• Number of Aux Send 2 (switchable Pre / Post) 

• Number of Aux Return: - 

• Number of subcategories: - 

• 10-segment LED level meter for output 

• Additional Features: Mute, PFL 

• 48 V Phantom Power: Switchable globally 

• CD In / Out: RCA 

• Monitor Out: TRS (with adjustable levels) 

• Tensile faders: 60 mm 

• Output connectors: XLR 

• Source: External (included) 

• Headphone output 



• Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (@ + / - 0,5 dB) 

• THD & IMD: <0.007% 

• Equivalent Input Noise: -128 dBu 

• Residual Output Noise: -85 dBu 

• Crosstalk between channels -96 dB at 1 kHz 

• Dimensions: 280x91x362 mm 

• Weight: 4.0 kg

Professional Audio Mixer: Soundcraft EPM6

Professional Audio Mixer: BEHRINGER XENYX 802

◦ 2 mono inputs 3-band. EQ type "British" 

◦ 2 stereo inputs 3-band. EQ, 

◦ 2 stereo outputs, 

◦ AUX, 

◦ phantom power for studio condenser mics 

◦ external power supply, 

◦ 10Hz-60kHz, Max.zkreslení: 0.007%, S / N: 112 db. 

◦ dimensions: 220x189x48mm, 

◦ Weight: 1lbs.

Professional Audio Mixer: BEHRINGER XENYX 802

Microphone with Transmitter AKG WMS40PFLEXX VOC

Receiver SR 40 FLEXX 

• 3 switchable frequencies provide the most reliable reception without interference with operation up to 9 simultaneous systems 

• 1 channel with 3 selectable frequencies 

• Diversity (maximum possible transmission, the system selects the antenna, which at the moment offers the best possible signal) 

• Tunable squelch 

• Adjustable sensitivity on the transmitter 

• Multi-channel operation up to 9 simultaneous systems 

• Durable design of transmitters and receivers, metal chassi 

• Over 30 hours on one AA battery 

• Superior sound quality wireless HDAP 


• FM frequency: 710-865 MHz 

• Width audio bandwidth: 40Hz - 20kHz 

• Frequency Stability (-10 ° C to +50 ° C): + /-15KHz 

• Deviation: 15KHz 

• THD (1kHz): 0.8% 

• compander 

• Signal / noise ratio: 110 db (A) 

• RF output: 10mW 

• Power consumption: 95 mA 

• Power supply: adapter (included) 

• Outputs: Balanced 6.35 mm JACK 

• Dimensions: 200x190x44mm 

• Weight: 580 grams 


Microphone HT 40 

Hand microphone with insert D880, three-position switch (ON MUTE OFF) indicator LED status indicator and interchangeable color-coded strips for microphones or location labels. The body of the microphone are made of hardened polymer at the end of the body are located at the bottom of the touch connector for insertion into microphone quick charger. Length operation at 1 AA battery that is more than 30 hours. 


• Frequency range :: 660-865 MHz 

• Width audio bandwidth: 65Hz - 20kHz 

• Frequency Stability (-10 ° C to +50 ° C): + /-15KHz 

• Deviation: 15KHz 

• THD (1kHz): 0.8% 

• compander 

• Signal / noise ratio: 110 db (A) 

• RF output: 10mW 

• Power consumption: 70 mA 

• Power supply: 1 x AAA battery 

• Length of service: Up to 30 hours (2200mAh battery) 

• Dimensions: 229x53x53mm 

• Weight: 195 grams 


Microphone cartridge D880 

• Characteristics: superkardioda 

• Frequency range: 60Hz - 20kHz 

• Sensitivity: 2.2 mV / PA (-53 dBV re 1 μbar) 

• SPL: 147 db 

• Bass filter 

• Impedance: 600 Ohm

Microphone with Transmitter AKG WMS40PFLEXX VOC

2x Microphone with Transmitter AKG WMS40 MINI2 VOCAL SET DUAL

Receiver SR 40 Mini2 is a dual version of SR 40 and Mini offers the same convenient features as single-SR 40 Mini. Controls the receiver SR 40 Mini2 include everything needed: output volume potentiometers, LED indicators signal presence and clipping for each channel, combined ON / OFF button to turn off. The receiver will adjust all utilities in almost all countries of the world can cope with stress is in the range of 110-240V and includes adapters for different socket. 

The second part of this set consists of a pair of transmitters and microphones while HT 40 Mini. It is a dynamic microphone with a three-position switch (ON / OFF / MUTE) and cardioid characteristic that a single AA battery works up to 30 hours. 



• Singing 

• Lectures 


Technical data transmitter HT 40 Mini 

• Design: microphone 

• Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz 

• Operating frequency: 864.375 MHz 864.850 MHz + 

• THD (1kHz): 0.8% 

• RF power: 10mW 

• Signal to noise ratio: 110 db (A) 

• Requires 1x AA battery 

• Battery life: 30 hours 

• LED battery indicator 

• Power 

• Weight: 195 g 

• Dimensions: 230 x 52.5 mm 


Specifications receiver SR 40 Mini2 

• Indication of RF and clipping for both channels separately 

• Frequency range: 40Hz - 20kHz 

• Signal to noise ratio: 105 db 

• Output: ¼ "Jack 

• THD (1kHz): 0.8% 

• Power supply: 110 - 240V 

• Dimensions: 133 x 43 x 132 mm 


package includes 

• 1 dual receiver SR40 Mini2 

• 1x Power Adapter 

• 2x transmitter HT40 Mini

2x Microphone with Transmitter AKG WMS40 MINI2 VOCAL SET DUAL

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